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Experienced and creative expert in Digital Media and Technology. Providing top-quality servicesand consulting to dozens of businesses worldwide that want to increase their brand recognition and salesthrough effective use of technology, digital media, branding, analytics, and communication.

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Google ranking factors for 2018

SEO is a constant and ever-changing battle and sometimes it’s unclear what’s the best to focus on. If you’re lost in the jungle of keywords, optimization, content and plenty more, then you need this article explaining 10 of the most important Google ranking factors for 2018.

9 ways to boost your Facebook user engagement after the algorithm shift

Learn how to boost your Facebook user engagement in the post-algorithm world!
Facebook has recently changed the way they relate to their user base. Posts from family and friends are the priority while brands’ reach got reduced. But there’s a way to still be getting those likes! Click the link and get the know-how!

The ultimate guide to off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is all about making sure your website makes you recognized as an expert in a field. Go to the article and learn the four amazing methods to ensure your pages rank high on Google’s SERPs!

How can branding help you drive sales

Every business wants to increase its sales. That’s how they stay afloat and are able to grow. In this article, I will show you the ways branding can help you drive sales! Make your business distinguishable and know when exactly to contact a person with a message that will turn them into a customer!

7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic

You’ve written a great article. You hit publish and wait for it to go viral. But it will never happen just by itself! You need to take action to make sure your posts are being read.
In this article, you will learn the seven great and effective methods to increase your blog traffic!

How to set up your own Facebook Ads campaign

Facebook is the biggest social network. Although it became a bit of a pay-to-play kind of thing recently, you can still make the most out of it with a small budget. In this article, I will show you how to set up your own Facebook Ads campaign! It’s easier than you think!