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Latest Blog Posts

How to set up your own Facebook Ads campaign

Facebook is the biggest social network. Although it became a bit of a pay-to-play kind of thing recently, you can still make the most out of it with a small budget. In this article, I will show you how to set up your own Facebook Ads campaign! It’s easier than you think!

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The utlimate guide to on-site SEO

In recent years, User Experience became the defining factor of search engine ranking. That doesn’t mean that old practices are invalid!
In this article, you will learn about on-site SEO, which comprises all the actions taken within your website to ensure better Google rankings.

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Improve the look of my business

The first impression is an extremely important factor in business. We can create your new brand identity.

Take my business online

If you are not online you are missing a big chunk of the money on the table. We will design your website so can have a good sleep while people browse your brand new website.

Design my ads campaign or flyers

Whenever you need a whole ads campaign designs or simple business flyers or business card, we are here to help.

Improve my social media communication

Whenever you are already on social media or not, the proper communication is the key to your brand recognition and increasing sales. We will make sure that your social media speak for your business.

Create my brand personality

Brand personality is the way you communicate with your audience. Every business creates its character and we want to build yours!

Improve my business communication

Many businesses use not only social media to communicate with their audience. We will make sure that you use the best channels to improve your conversion rates.

Increase my website traffic

The best and most natural way to increase your website traffic is to use SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimisation). We will make sure that Google loves your website and ranks it high.

Improve converstion rates to new customers

There are tonnes of factors that influence your conversion rates. Starting from a poorly designed website, social media communication or website traffic. We will take a look at all of them.

Run my ad campaign

We concentrate on Facebook advertisement (PPC campaigns) which is the biggest advertising platform on the planet. Your customers are waiting for you.

Automate customer adquisition process

Marketing automation and selling funnels help your business to automate sales & marketing processes what means higher Profit Per Customer and fewer expenses!

FAQ- You ask, I answer

1. Are you on your own?

Working alone isn’t an option if you want to provide the best service ever. I cooperate with highly qualified specialists in theri area.

2. How many projects you’ve done so far

Countless, but worth to take a look at those ones: Tauri Travel, Your Liri, Career Advice For Parents

3. Are you famous?

One day… I still work on projects that hopefully will change the world!

4. Why do you do what you do

I just love helping other businesses to thrive, and I love marketing, branding and digital media!

5. How do you work with your customers

We support our customers on daily basis if necessary. We adapt to the individual needs, but the most important thing: we are always here if you need us.

6. Why is it so expensive!?

Let’s talk about it first 😉

7. How long does it take to finish a project

What project? Let’s talk about it first!

8. Can we have a coffee?

Of course, let’s go, just drop me a message and let’s see what we can arrange! Use the form below.

9. When did you start helping other businesses?

I started working on business online recognition around 10 years ago since then I helped a countless amount of people & businesses to take their ideas to the next level.

10. What is your hobby?

My hobby is to help your business to thrive! But apart from that I love travelling and photography.

11. What are you best in?

I am the best in creating, managing and designing the bigger picture of your future!

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