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Seb is an experienced and creative expert in Digital Media and Technology. Providing top-quality services and consulting to dozens of businesses worldwide that want to increase their brand recognition and sales through effective use of technology, digital media, branding, analytics, and communication.

Seb Waligorski – My Story

Hi, I am Seb. To be exact Sebastian Waligorski, but “Seb” is shorter…
Born in Poland, then moved to the UK, and currently living all around the world as Digital Nomad. I travelled to more than 30+ countries, lived in 5+.
I speak fluently in 3 languages (Polish, Spanish and English), and learning 3 more.

I started working with online technology when I was 16 years old and created my first HTML website. Since then time I worked as Junior Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Consultant and General Digital Manager in the British company.

Currently, I manage my own businesses, including Colibri Active which provides the best branding, marketing and web development services.

I make my living by helping people to grow their businesses.

I have strong expertise in branding, marketing, sales, technology and business automation.

I am the co-owner of:

In my free time I co-run a YouTube channel @HiExplorers (in Spanish).

“Seb has a wealth of knowledge on online advertising, web design, boosting a brand’s online presence, and anything to do with building your brand in the online era.”

Why Work With Me?

10 years ago I started working with a technology and marketing. So far I worked with dozens of businesses developing a successfully delivered strategies that impacted the revenue and further development.

I do not only provide you solutions, I work closely with the directors or assigned employees to deliver results that put a smile on everybody’s face. 


Since my first work experience, I was focused
on helping other business to grow. Find out more about my past experience and education on my LinkedIn profile.

Books & Publications



Brand. For ever.
How to create a successful brand.

(Spanish version)

Learn how to create your brand from the scratch. What aspects are the most important? How to develop a name, logo, brand identity. Why storytelling is important? What makes us buy Coca-Cola instead of a regular “No-name” colas? Why VW group owns 10 different brands, yet they sell millions of cars of each of them, while “competing” against each other?
Those, and many other questions will get responded in this book.


Top 10 branding mistakes that might destroy your business


How to create killer branding for your FB page


Top 40 tools that will skyrocket your business


SEO mega guide for 2019 to get the visibility you deserve

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