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8 Lessons
  1. What is Brand
  2. What is Branding
  3. Branding vs marketing
  4. Top Branding Myths
  5. Value of a Brand
  6. Brand valuation
  7. Brand equity
  8. Added value vs Brand

In the first module, you will learn the basic terms that we use in branding, what brand & branding really means, what is the difference between branding and marketing as well as the value of branding.

6 Lessons
  1. Finding your target market
  2. Finding  your niche
  3. Business naming
  4. Brand Identity
  5. Mission, Vission, Values
  6. Effective tagline

The second module is all about starting to build your brand from the scratch or redefining the brand you already created. You will learn how to define your target market, address your niche, and create a proper business identity based on that data.

4 Lessons
  1. Why going digital
  2. Setting online goals
  3. Online strategy
  4. Starting with social media

Social media and a website are a must for the businesses of today. In this module, you will learn the importance of being present in the digital world and how to plan your online strategy.

6 Lessons
  1. Consistency in design
  2. Corporate Identity
  3. Colours
  4. Typography
  5. Logos
  6. Business cards

In this module, you will learn about how design can influence your brand. Design is not only about graphics and website – it is also your communication style, fonts, logo and much more!

6 Lessons
  1. Strategy and aims of a website
  2. Domain name and hosting
  3. Small business website
  4. E-commerce
  5. Changing the website
  6. 5-second rule

In this module, we will talk about the importance of having a website. We will also cover the features to focus on in order to make your website amazing.

6. Let's Talk


3 Lessons
  1. Communication vs branding
  2. Brand personality
  3. Storytelling

Communication is crucial, but it does not only entail actually talking to your customers. In this module, you will learn about creating channels to express your brand.

7. Social Media


10 Lessons
  1. Let’s engage them
  2. Social media basics
  3. Facebook
  4. Linkedin
  5. Twitter
  6. Google
  7. Instagram
  8. Consistency in social media
  9. Social media automation
  10. Hashtags

In this module, we will cover the importance of setting up and maintaining social media channels. You will learn the specifications of the most popular platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

8. Being visible

7 Lessons
  1. Brand positioning
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Brand loyalty
  4. Why Google is the king
  5. Understanding Google search engine
  6. How to improve your visibility
  7. What not to do in Google

How do you make sure that people will see your business as standing out from the crowd? In this module, you will learn about the techniques of making your brand more targeted and stronger.

9. Let's sell


12 Lessons
  1. Brand driver
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Content marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Email marketing vs messenger
  6. Brand monitoring
  7. Selling funnel
  8. Selling funnel creation
  9. Understanding Facebook Ads
  10. Creating your first ad
  11. Scaling your sales on Facebook
  12. Globalization

In this module, you will learn the basics of driving more sales to your business. The topics covered, will touch branding, marketing, sales funnel and advertising.

10. Automation- Coming soon


Automation can save you a lot of time, replacing manual labour with scheduled processes. In this module, you will learn about the processes that can be automated.

More yet to come...


There will be more modules added in the near future! Stay tuned!



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