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How to engage your social media audiences?

Your business may have a lot of social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and so on. Although company’s online presence can be treated as a comparative advantage, it would look even better if you are able to engage your audience in the content you publish.

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Why Business Cards Are Still Important

Business card are one of the most basic and yet often forgotten forms of branding. Some people would argue that in the digital age when you can use your phone to take notes and send emails there is no use for business cards. We don’t agree with it – business cards still matter and they can help you build your brand.

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3 Principles To Boost Your Business Performance

When reading about branding you’ve probably seen words like ‘mission’ ‘vision’ and ‘values’ repeated over and over. These lofty sounding terms might put off certain people who will assume that it is just some cheap talk that doesn’t really matter for them or their business.

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What Is Branding And Why Do You Need It?

Branding is being confused with marketing by many people who does not fully understand what branding really is. As a result, they perceive branding as a vague and not relevant concept that they should not be concerned with. So let’s look at what branding really is and why you should care about it.

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