Every business wants to be the one that breaks out and starts being on everyone’s mouth. They want their customer list to swole up and their ads to have millions of views. But it never comes by itself – it’s usually an effect of years of hard work and effort.

You can speed this process up though. How? I’ll tell you a secret… well, actually 10 of them!

10 secrets that will boost your online brand recognition - sebwaligorski - boost your online brand recognition

Create a story for your business

Trust is the foundation of any business. And storytelling is one of the best ways to make sure of that!

You don’t need a grand narrative behind your business to make it believable. The best stories are the simplest. Show your passion and commitment. Don’t shy away from hardships and failures – it’s what makes your business human.

If you want to get into details on how to create the story for your business, check out my article on that topic! 

Give your business a face

A professional photo session should not cost a fortune, but its benefits for your business can be enormous. As a founder of your business, you are also its face – don’t be afraid to show it!

Another great practice is to take photos of all your team members and place them on your website with a short bio or a description.

Why bother though? I’ve already said it many times on my blog, but to be honest, it’s never enough. People trust other people, not businesses! By showing your business as a group of people with their own stories determined to achieve something together, you are sure to boost your online brand recognition. It’s simply believable.

Team up with an influencer

Another amazing way to boost your online brand recognition is to have someone introduce your business to a wider audience.

Influencers the individuals who can influence the buying habits of their audiences. Right now, they are largely based on social media. Whether it’s a YouTube personality or an Instagram celebrity, having your brand endorsed by them is sure to give your business a boost.

Sounds in-your-face and obnoxious? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. It can be done tastefully. Have a look at top YouTube content creators, like the DIY extraordinaries ThreadBanger. They often feature sponsored products in their videos, but they always do so in their own crazy way that makes the brands they showcase instantly appealing.

There’s also an additional benefit in teaming up with an influencer. In the recent Facebook algorithm changes, the biggest social network cut down the organic reach for business pages. However, influencers still enjoy unchanged reach levels and that means it’s beneficial for you to tap into that.

10 secrets that will boost your online brand recognition - sebwaligorski - boost your online brand recognition

Set up a blog

This is not really a secret, but so many businesses still don’t run their own blogs. A blog gives you the opportunity to create the unique voice for your brand. It will really set you apart from the competition and will give you a platform to communicate with your audience.

Think bigger than a website blog

A website is great, that’s not a question. But there are more places for you to share your articles!


LinkedIn has its very own publishing tool that allows you to post articles internally on this social network. It works great as a way to increase your credibility in a community of potential business partners.


If maintaining a website is too much for you, then free content publishing platforms such as Medium are a great solution for you. Medium boasts significant readership and popularity. Have a look at Bergen – the creators of Darkroom, an iOS photo editor that’s considered one of the best available. They actually run their entire blog on Medium! See, there are no excuses for you to not start writing and publishing!

Be consistent

If you want to boost your online brand recognition, you need to make it consistent across all channels. But what does that mean to be consistent?

When it comes to branding, it’s all about making sure two pieces of content, let’s say, a blog article and a social media post can be easily recognized as yours.

Make sure you use the same writing style across all your channels. Same goes for graphics and photos, for example, the ones you insert into your articles – they need to fit the text and the overall topic of your blog!

But it goes much further than just graphics and writing style. The logo, fonts, colors and website layout need to be the same across all your online channels. It all needs to click and feel like a part of a bigger thing. Otherwise, you risk turning all of your branding efforts into a mess.

Make sure you’re using the right keywords

If you want more exposure for your brand, you need to make sure people can find you. This might sound like a bit of a truism, but there are plenty of businesses whose SEO efforts are not focused.

Keywords are especially crucial in defining your online brand recognition. They act as a kind of sorting machine putting your website and content pages into appropriate SERPs. This is why you need to pay a lot of attention when choosing them.

Keyword research

What do people type into Google when they stumble upon your website?

What words or phrases would you use to describe your business?

What keywords does your competition use?

Which of your content pages do better than others?

These are the basic questions you need to answer to know what keywords you should be focusing on. These cannot be coincidental or just simply cool-sounding. You need to put some thought into your keywords.

If you want some more detailed data, you can check out the keyword explorer tool by Moz or the Keyword Tool.

New approaches to keywords

Keywords are one thing. Another thing is making sure your content fits them. Right now Google interprets more than just the key phrases – it looks at the context as well. Therefore, if your article is overstuffed with keywords or your text and your keywords seem to exist in two different realms, Google will lower your SERP rankings. As Moz put it nicely – it’s no longer just keywords – it’s content topics.

10 secrets that will boost your online brand recognition - sebwaligorski - boost your online brand recognition

Generate leads

Lead generation is a marketing strategy aimed at igniting the interest in your offer. It usually results in you obtaining contact information of people or businesses that may become your customers.

Once you’ve got your leads, you can target them with carefully curated content that will respond to the sales funnel stage they’re in. You can read more about lead generation and lead nurturing in my article on marketing automation!

How to generate leads?

A really good way of generating leads is to offer something in return for an email address. For example, an ebook or an in-depth guide you wrote.

Another great way are competitions and giveaways. Entice people to sign up with their email address or social media and presto – you’ve got yourself some leads!

Social media competitions

I know I’ve already talked about competitions, but there’s more to them when it comes to boosting your online brand recognition than just lead generation.

You’ve probably come across these Instagram pictures or Facebook status reshares. They always include phrases such as: ‘follow our social media to win’ or ‘share this photo to sign up for the giveaway’. In exchange for that, you provide a free product for a winner.

So, how does that exactly work? I’ve met with opinions that it’s just wasting time and products. After all, you give them away for free, what are you to gain from this?

Let me explain starting with a question. How much is one product or service of your business worth? £50? £100? Even if it’s £200 or more, a giveaway can still be beneficial for you. That’s because the prize is the price you pay for the online exposure the participating people will give you. If you give away £500 worth of your products, which will result in a £1000 worth of new sales and several new customers, isn’t it worth it? I’ll let you answer that question for yourself.


Remarketing is a clever strategy of using targeted ads to connect with your online visitors who might not have become immediate customers.

This method uses Cookies to determine who falls into these criteria. The Cookie ID of people who browsed your website is added to your list and then your ads will be displayed when they visit other pages. You can display different ads for different people. For example, you can send two ads for people who quit your website on a blog article and for the ones who exited during looking up your products.

10 secrets that will boost your online brand recognition - sebwaligorski - boost your online brand recognition

Do something unconventional

Everybody does marketing nowadays. It’s tough to stand out especially since your competition is not limited to your local area. It can be actually worldwide. That means you need to make some serious effort to make sure you stand out.

The method I’ve found to be the most effective in such circumstances is thinking outside of the box. Easier said than done, eh? That’s true, coming up and executing something really unconventional and fresh requires an amazing idea and some serious guts to put it out. But the rewards far outweigh the risks with a lot of unconventional ads going viral and staying in the collective Internet memory for years. If you manage to pull something like that off, you are sure to get a massive boost to your online brand recognition.

If you want to go into more detail on unconventional marketing, have a look at my blog post on this topic. 

Make sure that in your search for the most unconventional way to boost your online brand recognition you don’t opt for anything controversial. Politics or content that could be potentially triggering are not the ways to go if you really want to get your brand out there!

Summary – how to boost your online brand recognition

Now you know how to boost your online brand recognition. I suggest you don’t focus on a single method out of the ones I showed you. You can easily combine them or even use all of them for maximal effect!

Let’s recap what you’ve learned from this article:

  1. Creating a story behind our business will make it more relatable,
  2. Putting people at the forefront of your business will make it trustworthy,
  3. Influencers can open your business up to new audiences,
  4. A business blog is an opportunity for creating your own unique voice and create problem-solving content,
  5. Keywords determine where your website will be displayed – make sure people can find you where you want them to,
  6. Use the same style, font, colors, design and style of graphics on all your online channels,
  7. Lead generation is a way to convince people to become your customers in a more personalized way,
  8. Social media competitions and giveaways are basically opportunities for massive online exposure for a price of a couple products,
  9. You can turn people who left your website into customers with remarketing,
  10. Try your strengths at unconventional marketing – it may require some effort, but the payoff will probably be huge!