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When reading about branding you’ve probably seen words like ‘mission’ ‘vision’ and ‘values’ repeated over and over. These lofty sounding terms might put off certain people who will assume that it is just some cheap talk that doesn’t really matter for them or their business. The truth is – they matter a lot and no matter how big or small your business is you need to spend some time thinking about them. Why are those terms so important in branding and does your company really need them?

In one of our first posts we defined branding as creating an ‘image of the company’ that your customers would believe in. To create such an image you need to define your business. Mission, vision and values are the building blocks – together they make up the definition of who you are and what you aim for.


A clearly defined vision – how would you like your business to develop, what should it become? A large corporation employing hundreds of people? Maybe you would like your business to influence the world? Or you simply want to create the best coffee shop in town? This is essentially an ideal dream scenario for you and your company. Defining your vision will help you make decisions, motivate you to achieve your goals and inspire your employees.


What do you believe in? What is it that you value in your own work? Is it the high quality of the products or is it the special relationship that you build with your customers? Whatever your values are, you need to spell them out very clearly. Each of your customers and employees should know your values and your company should always stay true to them.


Why does your company exist? What is it that you want to provide to the customers? What the customers should expect when they do business with you? When you define your mission you show to the customers that you are passionate about what you are doing and that you don’t work just for money.

You cannot create a good brand when your customers don’t feel that you are somehow special or unique. By defining your mission vision and values you define your brand and make it more personal. If you stay true to your own goals and values your customers will trust you. Your company will become unique and your customers loyal.

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