To be fair, no matter how great you are and how amazing your product or service might be, if you don’t care for your customers, you will fail. Customers are the force that drives businesses. They can make companies grow and they can make them go bankrupt. This is why customer service departments usually have the most employees – it is simply crucial for businesses to keep their customers content. A happy customer will mention your company to one or two people, but an unhappy one might not be able to stop talking about how they were treated badly by you!

Luckily in the Internet age, there are a lot of tools and mechanics in place, some of which might be of a huge assistance to your customer service team! In this article, I will outline several ways, in which your company can improve their customer service using Internet-based technologies.

4 ways to improve your online customer service - sebwaligorski - customer service

Start using a Facebook Messenger bot

As of April 2017, there were 1,2 billion monthly Facebook Messenger users. This number is constantly on the rise. People enjoy instant messaging – it therefore became a common thing to send out a message and get an immediate reply. Marketers and customer service specialist saw an opportunity in that and thus Facebook Messenger bots were introduced. These useful tools were set up to provide people with answers instantly, which gives a lot of opportunities when it comes to customer service.

Facebook Messenger bots can be customized to provide answers to any question your customers might want to inquire about. Let’s imagine you have a clothing company – a customer looking for a tutorial on how to tie a tie can simply message your bot and get a step by step guide as well as a link to a video in a matter of a minute! Solving problems in a very short time is exactly what customers expect and what can really make your business look good in their eyes!

What is more, a quick chat with a Messenger bot feels a lot like chatting to your friend, exchanging some links or info and having a laugh. Yes, a bot humanizes customer service, even though customers don’t really talk to another human, but to an automated machine.

Utilize email marketing and automated emailing

Email marketing, after the Facebook Messenger bot is another great way to acquire new and retain existing customers. Automated email list can be organized in such a way that your customers receive a message with a birthday discount code or a newsletter with a list of products they might be interested in (based on their recent searches). Although emails have a much lower open ratio than a Messenger bot (20% of emails are opened compared to 92% viewed messages), this method is amazing at providing customers with offers, loyalty bonuses as well as valuable content they might be interested in.

4 ways to improve your online customer service - sebwaligorski - customer service

A well-written FAQ page could take a lot of work off your customer service team

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. It is a segment of your website where you provide answers to some of the most common questions your customers might have. These might range from your return policy, contact information, shipping process or anything else your customers would like to know. You might think: “why bother with a FAQ when I already have a great customer service team and Messenger bots in place?”. Well, to be fair, a well prepared, comprehensive and thorough FAQ page could save you a lot of resources and time you could waste on answering the same questions over and over again leaving you with a lot of time to answer to really important queries. This will also save a lot of your customer’s time. Instead of contacting your customer service and waiting for a reply, they can simply (and quickly!) look the answer up.

Another thing worth adding to your FAQ is the possibility to search for an answer in-page. This will allow your customers to avoid scrolling the entire page and find their answer swiftly.  

Personalize your messages and use nice words

An angry customer that had a bad experience with your business is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to you. They can easily turn a lot of people against you costing you a lot of potential buyers. However, the same dissatisfied person can be converted into a devoted fan with some simple tricks. Well, actually these are not tricks – this is just common sense! I am talking about being kind and helpful!

Getting your problem sorted out by a customer service specialist is great and can save you a lot of hassle and money. Being treated in a professional way is nice – there’s no denying that. But being simultaneously treated in a nice and humane way is even better. This is exactly what separates good customer service from amazing customer service.

How to do it though? How to ensure every customer inquiry is dealt with in a nice way?

One way is for sure to adjust your bots and automated emailing apps. Use customer’s names and proper greetings in your emails or messages. Say “thank you” and “please” a lot. These might seem like small and meaningless things, but they can really go a lot way when it comes to customer satisfaction! Also, most importantly, you can easily adapt them to your existing email marketing and bot strategy! It doesn’t require any additional technologies or installing any apps – it’s all about showcasing your attitude towards your customers!

4 ways to improve your online customer service - sebwaligorski - customer service


Customer service might be one of the most vital organs of any business. Ultimately, it’s up to your customers whether they will pick you, ditch you or go to your competition. Their satisfaction is based mostly on the way they’ve been treated. That is why you need to adapt to them and solve every inquiry or problem with a lot of care and dedication.

In this article, I outlined four ways, in which your business can improve its customer service. They range from automated emailing and messaging bots to using proper language and providing tools for customers to solve their problems by themselves. They influence such areas of your customer service as: the speed, in which an inquiry is solved, value of sent information, reliability of acquired information and language of communication. These might all seem like cosmetic changes, but they really do have an impact on the way your customers will perceive your business! After all – you get what you give!