Imagine writing an amazing article for your blog. It’s literally the best thing you’ve written and you can’t wait to publish it. Finally, you do it!

Then you wait for thousands of readers to be astonished!

And you wait….

And wait…..

And wait….

Whoa, I think you missed something! Writing is not enough – you need to take action to make sure people visit your blog.

In this article, I will show you 7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic!

7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic - sebwaligorski - increase your blog traffic

Headlines – the art of good first impression

Before people read, listen to or watch anything, they need to be enticed to do so. Today’s Internet is a massive source of information on anything – or a giant pool of noise where everyone wants to speak and give their opinion. How do you make sure that it’s your voice that’s heard?

First of all, to increase your blog traffic, you need to cut the noise and make your voice distinct from the very start. Headlines usually perform this function. They need to both summarize your content in a few words and generate interest in the value your blog article provides. It’s all about striking a perfect balance between value and clickbait.

Let’s have a look at the headline for the article you’re reading right now:

7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic

I spent some time crafting it – creating a good headline might take a while, but believe me, it’s worth it! Now, how about we dissect it a bit?

First of all, the purpose of this article is stated clearly – if you read it, you will learn the seven ways to increase your blog traffic. The purpose is stated. Next, the word “proven” is quite important – it indicates that the strategies in this article are not something I made up. Third of all, the headline needs to evoke some sort of curiosity in a potential reader. What are those strategies? Are they really that good? Will this article mention that one strategy I am using? Finally, the headline gives you a sense of value the article will provide you – increasing your blog traffic!

The formula for the perfect headline consists of three things:




Don’t feel bad when you spend a lot of time perfecting your headlines. They may seem short and quick to write, but you need to put some serious thought into them. It’s most often the first point of contact between a reader and your content. You don’t want to mess that up!

You can use the headline analysing tool by CoSchedule to see how good your headline is.

7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic - sebwaligorski - increase your blog traffic

The longer the better

Longer articles rank better in Google. Why? The more words, the more keywords and key phrases for the search engine bots to scan through. Don’t shy away from writing a 3000-word piece. It might do wonders for your SEO. Google works in a different way than your readers when interpreting the text. It sees it as a cloud of words and looks for certain phrases, keywords synonyms and contexts within it. The bigger the cloud, the more such things it will find. Another SEO benefit of long posts is the huge number of backlinks you can insert. Again, just like with the keywords – the more words in your article, the more backlinks you can put into it!

Long articles can also benefit your interactions with your audience as well as the User Experience aspect of your website. A 3000-word article will cover more issues in much more detail than a small, 500-work post. “But the attention span is so short today!” Yes, that’s why it’s better to have everything in one place – a single, easily scrollable article explaining a certain topic comprehensively.

Keep in mind that you should always aim to explain the topic thoroughly. If you plan to post 2500-word articles and the one you just wrote is a 1000 words short to hit that mark, yet you can’t think of writing anything more, just leave it. Don’t force it by adding some bulls*it with no substance – there’s nothing worse to leave a bad taste in your readers’ mouth.

Publish more

This is quite an obvious answer – the more you put in, the more you will get out. If you post one article a week on your blog, try posting two and see how that works for you.

Well, it’s easier said than done. Keep in mind that increasing your posting frequency cannot decrease the quality of your articles. If that would be the case, you might actually see the reverse effect and have your blog traffic cut down a bit. In a world where blogging is a typical

Deciding on posting twice as much as you used to do means that you will have to spend twice as much time writing, editing, uploading and promoting your work.

7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic - sebwaligorski - increase your blog traffic

Make sure people come back

How many times have you read a great article, then left the page and never visited this website again? You probably don’t remember. That’s the point though! People probably won’t come back just like that to read more of your content, no matter how great it is. You need to remind them!

Set up an email list

Email marketing is still a very effective method to connect with your audience. The trick is to know who to send messages to. 100 of loyal leads who regularly buy your products or read your content are much more valuable for your business than 2000 of addresses you bought. Quality over quantity!

Setting up your email list

First of all, you need to generate some leads. There are two great ways to do this.

1. Incentive pop-up

Set up a pop-up on your website. In the pop-up, you can offer some exclusive content, an ebook or an exciting newsletter. For that, of course, your visitor will have to provide their email address.

2. Landing Page

Another way to generate leads is to create a Landing Page. It can work in a similar fashion to the pop-up – offering additional benefits like exclusive content in exchange for signing up for your mailing list.

Once you have these two in place and some leads start pouring in, it’s time to start nurturing them – you can read more about it in my article on marketing automation.

Social media

Having several social media accounts is an absolute must for any type of business. Running them is usually free and gives you a chance to tap into huge audiences!

If you’re not using social media or need some guidance, check out my article on creating a social media strategy for a small business as well as a guide to social media marketing.

Social networks are perfect places to share the content from your blog. It gives you a chance to promote your newly published posts, but also, more importantly, a possibility to share your older articles. That’s something you can’t really do with email lists – no one wants to receive a message with the same article they’ve read a month ago! In this way, social media gives you two great ways to increase your blog traffic and make sure that people actually come back to your articles – take advantage of them and start posting!

7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic - sebwaligorski - increase your blog traffic

Viral content

What sort of content is good enough to get millions of views and shares? Or maybe we shouldn’t ask how good it is, but rather how unexpected? Even the best-written article may not go viral if it’s not presenting something completely new, utterly entertaining or controversial (I wouldn’t recommend that option though!).

In 2012 Dollar Shave Club have released a video called “Dollar Shave – Our Blades Are F***ing Great”. As of now, it has over 25 million views on YouTube. Quite a lot for an ad, huh? That’s because it’s not like your typical boring advertisement. It’s bold, funny and not afraid to go really big or take risks.

The same principles guided the creators of Vytautas water video ad. It was also released in 2012 and has almost 4 million views. It’s fun, obnoxious and makes you want to order a whole case of Vytautas. And, I mean… it’s a water commercial. It’s such a commodity that it seems coming up with a creative and new way to advertise it is almost impossible. That’s exactly what makes content go viral – finding a fresh take on something that’s been done countless times! You can’t expect all your content to go viral, but a single great article or a video is enough to increase your blog traffic. Remember – it all starts with a great, creative idea!

Listen to the people

Like many people, I’ve recently fallen into the ASMR video hole. It’s really amazing and offers me some much-needed relaxation before sleep. But, let’s keep it content marketing-focused. I was surprised to see that there were plenty of ASMR content creators who regularly got hundreds of thousands or even millions of views under multiple videos as well as hundreds of thousands of subscriptions. One answer to why it’s like that may lay in the interactions between ASMRtists and their audiences. They listen. They fulfill content requests. You should do it too. Listen to the people who read your articles, watch your videos or listen to your podcast. That means if someone asks you to write a post about a topic they’re interested in – do it! Or if someone writes a negative review or a comment – take lessons from it and improve (unless of course, it’s from a hater with no arguments). Keep in mind that at the end of the day, you create content for the people who consume it. If they want to see you go in a certain direction, cover a topic they’re interested in or change something in your blog, you need to take it into consideration. If you shrug these suggestions off you risk discouraging or even losing your audience.
7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic - sebwaligorski - increase your blog traffic

Post at the right time

CoSchedule and KissMetrics have published an amazing infographic showing the data on the best times to post on your blog. Let’s sum it up a bit here:

  1. The most blog reads happen on Monday – the readership is the lowest on the weekends and average on the weekdays,
  2. 11 am (and mornings in general) is the most common time to read blog articles (bored at work, am I right?),
  3. Your blog post is likely to get the most comments on Saturdays and around 9 am.

These pieces of data indicate that the best time to post a new blog article would be Monday morning or Sunday evening (so that people get a new post from you the following day).

If you want to increase your blog traffic even more, then go to my article on the perfect posting times for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

7 proven strategies that will increase your blog traffic - sebwaligorski - increase your blog traffic


In this article, you’ve learned the seven amazing ways that will increase your blog traffic.

Let’s recap all the information:

  1. Headlines should include these three elements: purpose, curiosity and value. They can make or break the first impression of your blog post, so it’s good to spend some time on them,
  2. Longer articles are more comprehensive for the readership and contain more key phrases for the search engine to interpret,
  3. Publishing more will make your blog more visible. Keep in mind that you need to maintain the quality as you increase the quantity,
  4. Use email lists and social media to make sure people come back to your blog and read more,
  5. You can try your strengths at making a piece of your content go viral. Make sure to start with a great idea that hasn’t been done yet,
  6. Listen to your audience – they can suggest you ideas for content and highlight areas for improvement,
  7. Post your articles at the right time – mornings at the start of the week.