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In the good ol’ days before the Internet customer service was limited to the direct client – seller interaction or a more indirect via phone or mail. However, the Internet became an inherent part of our lives and many businesses that existed in the “real world” are now also present online.

Live chat is a relatively new addition to the online customer service. It is however, probably one of the most obvious and needed. It is after all, an online equivalent of the direct interaction between the client and the representative.

It might seem tricky to use the live chat though. Interacting on the Internet can be much more uncertain than those done face to face. That’s why in this article, I would like to show you several things to do in order to make sure that your live chat strategy generates conversions!

How to boost your conversions using live chat - sebwaligorski - live chat

Determine the time when the traffic gets the biggest on your website

In the ideal world you would have a 24/7 customer service, always ready to respond to queries from your clients. That would however require a team of employees (or you not sleeping at all), which not all businesses can afford. That’s why, it’s important for you to know when do people actually visit your website the most. That will allow you to allocate the resources in the best way possible and get to the biggest number of customers.

A mistake businesses make is that they assume a typical 9-5 model for their customer service and live chat, which might not always work.

If you struggle to be there for your customers at all times, you can invite them to send you an email explaining their issue and promise to get back to them as soon as possible (and then actually do!).

Live chat box makes for a great ad pop up when you’re offline

If you don’t have a team to take care of your live chat 24/7, you can still make the most out of it! Apart from the contact invitation, which I mentioned above, live chat can also serve as an amazing ad pop up! Use it to communicate value. That means, deals, offers and anything that could benefit your customers!

Rely on real human interaction

People like to be treated exceptionally. They like to have a sense that they are special, especially when they plan on buying something! A survey by American Express have shown that 78% customers in the US have not completed a transaction, because of poor customer service. Another interesting finding of the survey was that speaking on the phone with a real person or face to face interactions are, according to the customers, the most favored methods of solving any issues they might have.

What these data say is that people need interaction with real people. They are much less likely to trust a business than an actual human being, be it on the phone, in a face to face conversation or on a live chat. That’s why you should rely on human interaction and not on automated bots.

Another benefit of not using automated, robotic responses is the fact that you can personalize each message. That means you can manipulate and build your company’s image and brand identity, and effectively stay in your customers’ heads!

How to boost your conversions using live chat - sebwaligorski - live chat

Make sure you and your team know how to communicate on a live chat

In the previous paragraph, I mentioned how brand identity can be built using live chat. But in order to do that, your team needs to actually know how to talk to the customers. What phrases for greetings should they use and how they should say goodbye – this is all crucial in building your brand identity and, most importantly, creating a great customer experience!

Every niche has its jargon. You need to note however, that not everyone who will visit your website will use it. It’s important that you discourage your team from using the jargon on the live chat. You need to keep your message as clear and simple to understand as possible. There’s nothing worse than communicating in a way that will make you come across as pompous and not helpful.

Encourage your customer to fill out post-chat surveys

There’s no better way to improve your business than to actually ask your customers what do they think of it. Prepare a simple survey and send it to customers at the end of every session. This simple move will allow you to gather crucial data about your performance and find areas to improve.

Use live chat to prevent cart abandonment

So a customer visited your website? That’s amazing! But now it is partially up to you to keep them there and encourage them to finalize the transaction. Although the final decision is up to them, you might use the live chat to offer advice.

Cart abandonment is when a customer adds products to their cart, but then leaves or hesitates to finalize the purchase. This is when you can come up and offer guidance. There are many reasons behind losing a customer in the cart section. They might not be sure whether a product will fit their needs, the shipping cost might be too high, the return policies might seem unclear. In each of these cases you need to step in and help clear out the confusion!

How to boost your conversions using live chat - sebwaligorski - live chat


Live chat is an amazing tool for engaging with your customers in real time. It’s one of the closest things to a face to face communication, or a phone chat, which a lot of customers favor as ways to solve their problems.

With live chat, you need to make sure you accommodate the customers, make them feel like they are being in good hands and finally (and most importantly!) solve their issue.

In this article, I presented you with techniques and methods that you can employ in order to make sure that your customers will be satisfied. After all, a satisfied customer means a conversion boost!