A couple of months ago, Mark Zuckerberg posted an update on his Facebook account. It proved to be critical for brands and businesses. Why? Well, he announced that organic reach for brands was going to be significantly chopped. Facebook’s main focus was going to be shifted to posts from family and friends making it hard for businesses to reach people.

But Facebook’s user base is just too big to simply ditch it for other social networks.

Not all is lost when it comes to driving Facebook user engagement after the algorithm shift though! You need to learn to swim against the current and make the most out of what you have!

Read on and I’ll show you nine great ways to boost your Facebook user engagement that will save your followers from a flood of holiday pictures!

9 ways to boost your Facebook user engagement after the algorithm shift - sebwaligorski - boost your Facebook user engagement

Share valuable and relevant content

Start improving your user engagement on Facebook with your blog.

One of the main premises of Facebook’s algorithm update is that content from brands will get more exposure if people engage with it. Zuckerberg wants people to consume content on Facebook actively instead of passively. That means brands need to entice people to comment, share and like the content you share. And in order to increase your chances of getting people to do that, you have to publish content that’s informative and relevant to your followers. Simply something that your followers would like to share or comment on.

How to find topics for such content? Start by thinking of what your business does and what sorts of problems your audience may have!

Focus on engaging

Articles are great, but there are more types of content and activities you can utilize to boost your Facebook user engagement.

Video content

Video is currently on the rise. Facebook knows that and developed its own platform for this type of content. It’s fully integrated into the feed, which means videos are being played silently as you scroll down (or up, I’m not judging).

Videos on Facebook can reach up to 10 times more views than on YouTube, but since 85% of them are played without sound, there’s a substantial risk of missing out on engagement. To make sure it doesn’t happen, you need to post videos that are engaging, informative and entertaining. In this way, people will be enticed to click on it, play it with sound and then leave a like, a comment, or even share.


Like it or not, Facebook gave birth to countless meme accounts with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. But it’s not just silly images. There’s a lot of potential to boost your Facebook user engagement with memes. Currently, there’s a trend to tag people in comments under a post with a meme. Might seem insignificant, but it’s actually a powerful and organic tool for driving your brand’s exposure.

You need to be careful with memes though. Before you start posting them, make sure they’re tasteful and not offensive. Nothing worse than a wave of ‘angry reacts’, which can ultimately decrease your following. The point of memes is to entertain, so stick to that!

What is more, memes are not for everyone. If your target audience are businessmen or professionals, then you might want to think of something else rather than memes to drive your Facebook user engagement. Know your followers!


This is a more suitable solution of your followers are professionals or businessmen. A piece of information shown in an accessible and simple way with a clear message can make all the difference when it comes to engaging your audience. It works a bit like memes, but for the professional world. So, once again, know your followers! And make sure you fact-check – nothing more harmful to your reputation than people pointing out mistakes or inconsistencies!

Reply to comments

The problem with Facebook is that it’s really easy to appear out of touch. Keep in mind that your followers may leave comments under your posts. Don’t leave it like that – reply to as many as you can! The best way to drive engagement is to start engaging yourself.

9 ways to boost your Facebook user engagement after the algorithm shift - sebwaligorski - boost your Facebook user engagement

Embrace all things new

Facebook is an ever-growing platform for expressing yourself. Make sure you use all the latest tools and add-ons offered. Below I’ll cover several of the latest new Facebook functions that can help you boost your user engagement.

Facebook Live

Streaming, next to video, is one of the fastest rising types of content when it comes to its capacity to engage the people. It’s unfiltered, often raw and exactly what the people want! They want to see the real you, the faces behind the business.

If the new algorithm puts emphasis on genuine human connections, then Facebook Live is the perfect solution!

Facebook Stories

After months of slow rollout and little activity, Facebook Stories, yet another (after Instagram) clone of Snapchat’s innovative functionality, seems to still have much left to be desired. It’s getting there though. And you should really hop on the bandwagon.

Stories offer a similar level of rawness as Facebook Live, but in a more controllable, editable package. So, say what you will about how unpopular Facebook Stories are, but I think you should play all cards if you want to boost your engagement!


Another fun Facebook add-on are frames. They are thematic additions to your profile picture and range from TV references, quotes, wild memes and commemorations. Use them to add a personal touch to your page or express support for a worthy cause.

Messenger bots

Customer support is a vital part of building lasting relationships with your clients. But you are simply unable to be there 24/7 for anyone with a concern. Hiring a team with a three-shift schedule is one way of sorting this out, but not every business can afford that.

Messenger bots are a great solution to this problem. They are an AI-powered solution that can be optimized to answer any query someone might have. Definitely a time-saver for you and for a customer who might not want to wait until you get to the office to give an answer!


The latest addition to Facebook, the ‘donate’ option doesn’t have solutions for businesses yet. However, do keep an eye out for it – they might add it in near future!

Post at the right times

All your efforts to boost your Facebook user engagement might be pointless if you’re focusing on the wrong areas. Or, should I say, the wrong times!

Exactly, the times, at which you post content to your Facebook page are paramount! The reason for that is simple – you risk missing out on exposure simply because no one will be there to see what you’re posting!

To find out when your audience is active on Facebook, go to your page, click ‘Insights’ at the top of the site and ‘People’ on the left. You should see a diagram for each day of the week showing you how many of your followers were active on Facebook at what times.

If you want to read more about perfect posting times for social media, head over to my post dedicated to that topic!

User-generated content

How do you make sure that people engage with your content when you share it on Facebook? You ask them to contribute! User-generated content is a great way to connect and establish genuine relationships with your followers. Think Instagram takeovers, or that amazing Spotify UCG campaign.

When it comes to Facebook, a great idea would be to share stories of your customers talking about how did they come about doing business with you, what was their experience or how their life is better thanks to you.

9 ways to boost your Facebook user engagement after the algorithm shift - sebwaligorski - boost your Facebook user engagement

Influencers should be your go-to

Remember when I said that brands have had their reach reduced? Well, that doesn’t apply to influencers! They are one of the groups that haven’t been affected by the algorithm changes. At least for now!

That means you should reach out to them for promotional opportunities. But don’t just go and spam each and every single one of them. Select a few that have audiences similar to yours decide who to team up with from there. In this case, quality is much more important than quantity. You don’t want to target people who are not interested in the things you offer.

A strong personal brand is the way to go!

I’ve said it many times on my blog, but it’s absolutely crucial and needs to be repeated. People trust other people, not businesses. Put a face next to your business. Tell stories of people – yourself, your employees and customers. Don’t just focus these stories on stating how great your company is and how your products are the best in the game. Stories need to be relatable. Talk about the path you had to walk prior to your business and the struggles you encountered. Don’t shy away from getting real and showing that you are a human being – vulnerable, not always succeeding, but always on the journey of self-improvement. That’s what people relate to.

Facebook is a perfect place for sharing your stories. Use status updates with pictures or even a video to get your message across. Remember – people relate to other people and since Facebook wants to put emphasis on genuine human connections, you should simply be yourself if you want to boost your user engagement!

If you want to get into details on how to create your business story, go to my article on that topic!

9 ways to boost your Facebook user engagement after the algorithm shift - sebwaligorski - boost your Facebook user engagement

What does your audience want?

The old saying goes ‘the customer is always right’. It’s absolutely true when it comes to boosting your Facebook user engagement after the algorithm shift. With a reduced reach, you need to make sure that the people who actually get to see your posts will engage with them – the more engagement, the better your reach will be.

To see what your audience likes to engage with you need to head over to your page’s metrics. Click ‘Insights’, then click ‘Posts’ and scroll down until you see a table showcasing all your posts and engagement data for each of them. See what types of content get the most clicks, likes, shares and comments, and build your Facebook posting strategy around them.  

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a really ingenious tool for marketers. Its ads are incorporated into the feed in a way that it doesn’t interrupt you scrolling while having your morning coffee. You simply see ads in front of you as you go down and down into your news feed. No pop-ups, no miniature crosses to click, nothing to get angry about.

To add to that, Facebook Ads allows the marketer to specify exactly who is going to see the banners. You can narrow the target audience down to their age, occupation, wealth and plenty more oddly specific criteria.

Yes, it is a paid option and it won’t provide you with organic traffic. But, hey, we live in a post-algorithm world and that means sometimes you’ve got to invest some money to get revenue and customers! Nothing wrong with that!

Read about setting up your Facebook Ads campaign here!

9 ways to boost your Facebook user engagement after the algorithm shift - sebwaligorski - boost your Facebook user engagement


Boosting your Facebook user engagement on Facebook was never an easy task. In the post-algorithm world, you need to pay that much more attention to it! It is doable, however, as long as you stay proactive, genuine and always in search of new solutions.

Let’s recap what you’ve learned from this article:

  1. Share content that people want to see and engage with. In other words – know your audience!
  2. Focus on activities and content types that encourage engagement – video, graphics, replying to comments,
  3. Facebook grows and adds new great functions and tools all the time! Stay on top of it as plenty of them open new areas for engaging your audience,
  4. Posting at times when your audience is active will make all the difference,
  5. User-generated content is a great way to drive engagement and create relationships with your customers,
  6. Influencers haven’t yet been affected by the algorithm change – use that to your advantage and team up with an influencer who reflects your mission and values and can connect you with bigger audiences,
  7. Invest in your personal brand. Make your business trustworthy by giving it a face,
  8. Find out what types of content your audience engages with the most and put your efforts there,
  9. Use Facebook Ads – it’s not organic, but it’s effective!