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Business card are one of the most basic and yet often forgotten forms of branding. Some people would argue that in the digital age when you can use your phone to take notes and send emails there is no use for business cards. We don’t agree with it – business cards still matter and they can help you build your brand.

Yes, you might be able to just note down the other person’s email with your phone (if your battery isn’t flat), but you won’t make any friends while looking down at your phone noting down the information. Handing a business card is much more convenient, gives you more time to actually network with others and helps you strengthen your brand.

Your business card can be the ‘face’ of your brand. It will be accessible to others wherever they are and whatever they are doing and it will remind them of your company and your brand. So how to make a professional looking business card?

Keep it simple – that is the golden rule of business cards. Too much clutter means the important bits might be less visible. Your name, your job title, company name, contact details and a logo is more than enough.

If your location is really important for your business, or your office is tricky to find, you might consider adding a map on the back. Otherwise you should try to leave the back of your card blank. Sometimes during a conversation, you might find it useful to add a note to the business card and that is when a blank back comes in handy.

Recently, companies in tech related industries started incorporating QR codes to their business cards. It’s an easy way to direct people to your website and shows that you are really up to date with technology. At the same time QR codes take a lot of space, so you should only use it if being technologically minded is an essential part of your brand.

Paying more pays off – business cards are quite cheap to make, but going for the more expensive option is usually a better choice. Your card is a representation of your company. If it is made on a cheap paper your company will look equally cheap.  A high quality card on the other hand will strengthen the perception of your brand.

If you struggle to come up with a design that is a neat, professional looking representation of your brand, don’t worry. We know it can be difficult and time consuming, that is why we offer to do this for you. Using our branding talents we create personalised business cards designs as part of our ‘advanced’ subscription.

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