Are you starting or planning to start your own business? That’s amazing! However, there are some things you need to know in order to allow your firm to grow. I am talking exactly about proper marketing techniques! Without them your business is highly unlikely to take off and gather any traffic, let alone a loyal customer base! We live in a highly competitive world and you need to do all you can to get yourself out there. There is a myriad of ways to do this and another myriad of marketing techniques that can bring you sales. In this article however, I am going to focus on only one of them. It is probably one of the most underappreciated techniques, but it really does work! I am talking about content marketing!

Content is King! Why you should invest in your blog - sebwaligorski - blog

What is content marketing?

When you visit a page of a company that offers for example, advertising services, how do you measure the expertise of said company in their field? How do you know that they are truly passionate about what they do? A portfolio of past clients? Well, it might seem a bit unclear if you’re new to the topic and a bit too general. To find out the most about the company you should head straight to the “blog” section! This is usually the place where companies share well written posts and articles on various topics referring to their field of business. This is where they truly showcase their expertise and passion.

Content marketing may take many different forms – videos, graphics, podcasts – whatever content the customer base will find enjoyable. There is only one condition – it needs to be valuable to the customers. In this article I am going to focus on written content, as this is perhaps the easiest and most accessible form of content marketing, which still can bring tremendous results when done right!

“Okay”, you might think, “it all sounds great and all, but why do I really need a blog?”. Well, I am here to answer this question!


Why do you need a blog for your business?

1. A company blog is a great way to showcase your passion and expertise in your business field – I already mentioned that above, but it’s really worth explaining once again. You can fill up your blog with articles and posts ranging from simple and short news pieces to lengthy opinion articles examining industry trends. If you’re a craftsman, you can upload vlogs from your workshop. An advertising firm can post blog articles on a new app that makes everything so much easier. A private consultant can write analytic entries on the changes in the market he’s operating in. Possibilities are endless and a blog format can be easily meddled and played with. You can make it long or short, to the point or filled with pictures and fancy fonts – do whatever your heart desires and whatever your business requires!

2. Blogging is cheap! If you have a company, you probably already have your own website. Why not add a blog to it? It will really require more time than money and if you write about stuff you are passionate about, the right words will not only come easy, but the writing process will be enjoyable for you! Comparing blogging to other marketing techniques like PPC, ads, landing pages etc. it turns out that the associated risk is very low. In case of a failed marketing campaign based on, for example, Facebook ads, you are likely to lose quite a lot of money. Blogging rids you off such dangers – the starting costs are super low and so are the costs of maintaining it. That means you can easily adjust your blog to the needs of your customers – make the articles shorter, focus more of the theoretical side of your industry or anything that your customers might expect from you. You can try out different strategies and see, which one works the best for you, but with none of the costs associated with other types of marketing campaigns.  

Content is King! Why you should invest in your blog - sebwaligorski - blog

3. A well-run blog can bring more organic search to your website! A person in need of help with a certain issue related to your business area will probably look for answers online. This is your potential customer who might stumble across your blog article, which explains the solutions perfectly. Going further, he will get on your website offering services he needs and there you have it – a new customer! There is however one condition – the content you publish needs to provide solutions, be informative and valuable so that your customers may benefit from it and your services.

4. Blogging can help you connect with your customers! If a potential customer is typing keywords related to your business niche into Google, they can easily stumble upon your blog and discover what you offer! A blog is a great way to create a strong brand identity – as I mentioned before, it will showcase your passion and expertise. It will also provide help for the customers who may have some questions and are looking for answers online. A blog makes you look like an expert – especially if your business is operating in a niche!

5. Blogging can prop up other marketing campaigns! Need some content for your social media? Blog links will work just fine! The posts can also seriously improve your SEO conversions. It is not a surprise that your customers are much more likely to find you online than by any other way. Luckily you can put all the keywords you need into your blog posts! Once a customer visits your blog you can hit them with a well-targeted ad showcasing a product or a service they are looking for!

6. You need to keep up! Literally everyone is blogging nowadays. A company with no blog can be seen as obsolete nowadays – if you stay in the same spot, you are in fact going backwards! Data indicated that 88% of B2B companies and 76% of B2C companies use content marketing as a way to drive more sales. It’s a catch up or die out world, so don’t wait and start publishing!

Content is King! Why you should invest in your blog - sebwaligorski - blog


As you can see, there is a lot of reasons to start a blog for your company. A blog binds many pre-existing elements such as SEO, social media or PPC emphasising their impact. At the same time it acts great as a standalone entity creating a channel of communication with your customers and a place to showcase your expertise – a great way to build a strong brand identity! That’s quite a lot of benefits for a thing that bears a little to none risk, is highly adjustable and requires tiny costs!