It might seem that in the age of social media, email became a thing of a past. Like… so 2000s, right? Well, there’s nothing more wrong that that statement! Almost 3 billion people use email and there are 200 billion emails sent daily! The numbers really show the grandiose of this platform – it’s quite easy to see that email remained relevant. However, it important to outline the reasons why it managed to stay on its position as one of the most widespread communication channels. Widespread use of computers and smartphones as well as the omnipresence of the Internet are surely some of the reasons. In this article, I am going to focus on an easily omitted question of email marketing. Why is it crucial for businesses? How does it differ from other forms of internet marketing, especially social media?

Why email marketing is still important - sebwaligorski - email marketing

1.You can target all the right people!

Email is different than social media in this sense. Clicking a like or a follow button on your Facebooks, Instagrams or Twitters isn’t as binding as providing your email address consenting to receiving a company newsletter or promotion messages. When you do that, it means that you are genuinely interested in a product a particular business offers.

While social media are a fantastic platform for interacting with your audience, email has a different purpose – generating conversion. It is via email that you can send out discount codes, seasonal promotion or newsletters. They inform your customers directly about what do you have to offer – and that is what generates revenue and acquires customers.

2. Email marketing is cheap!

It costs literally nothing to send out an email. However, when you do that on a massive scale, you might want to utilize some tools dedicated specifically to email marketing. The costs of sending mass emails is ridiculously low compared to a predicted conversion rate. Time costs of planning an email marketing campaign are also quite low. Acquiring a database of email addresses, drafting and sending out, as well as measuring the impact can all be done using proper tools, such as Send Grind, MailChimp or Vertical Response, which make the job so much easier!

3. It’s very personalized and customizable

You can add customer’s name to the email. You can send them a personalized message with “treat yo’self” offers around Christmas or their birthday. These little moves can really win you the customer’s heart!

Pushing the right content to the right customers is also crucial. With social media, you can only send out a message to your entire audience. With email marketing, you can divide your contact list into groups based on their needs. A personalized, tailored email has much more chances to be actually opened and read through.

4. You can easily measure the impact of your email marketing campaign

Tools used for email marketing can also be used to check the data on how your campaign is doing. How many people opened your message, which links were more likely to be clicked, how many subscribers have you gained or lost – these data can be then used to adjust and improve your campaign.

Additionally, email marketing is a fantastic platform for A/B testing. Send out two different emails to two similar groups. Which one was more likely to acquire you some customers? Which phrases are more attention-grabbing? With measuring tools, you can easily tailor your email marketing campaign and start generating more revenue.

Why email marketing is still important - sebwaligorski - email marketing

5. Smartphones are now very common

There was a time when you had to connect to the Internet via a phone modem (which was time consuming and often failed!). Now, you can access the Internet everywhere – in a middle of a forest, in the shower (only if you have a waterproof phone!) or standing in the line at the grocery store. ExactTarget reported that 91% of smartphone owners, use them to check their email accounts. It’s easy to see, how this technological advance managed to increase the importance of email marketing.

6.Emails can be used to distribute coupons/promotions

Perhaps the easiest way to drive sales is to make something cheaper than it was before. While the pricing of your products or services is up to you, emails are a great way of notifying your audience about a discount or a seasonal promotion. You can also send out loyalty vouchers for customers who have been subscribed to your email list for a longer period of time. The possibilities with that are endless!

7. Receiving an email triggers a response

As I said before, email marketing has a much more personalized nature. Social media are for targeting entire audiences, but emails allow for precise strikes. For example, if you put a customer’s name in the email topic line, there is much more chance that it will be interacted with.

8. It allows for increasing brand awareness

Email marketing is a great way to spread out the word about your CSR actions. Whether it’s a donation you did, or a fundraiser for planting trees you organized, it’s worth notifying your customers about it. You can also share some anecdotes from your business’s history – that will make your company looks more human in the eyes of a customer! Similarly with the coupons and discount distribution, the possibilities are endless!

Why email marketing is still important - sebwaligorski - email marketing


Why would email be even considered to be a thing of a past? It’s true, that email is not as social as social media, and therefore not as flashy and bright. However, it is a fact that the results of a well-curated email marketing campaign can result in incredible returns as well as customer acquisition. With features such as a personalized approach, low costs (both money and time), instant feedback on your performance and endless possibilities for customization of content, email marketing is a fantastic way to target your customers.