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Facebook and Google. The first one is the biggest social network and the most visited website. The second is the Internet’s biggest search engine. What do they have in common? Both Facebook and Google are amazing online marketing platforms! You might think that this is the case, because of an enormous size of the two services. While this is the case, there is one more reason, for which Facebook and Google rule the online marketing game. It is the online advertising. Both services introduced their own PPC-based services – Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. The two are often wrongly deemed to be foes for life – in fact, even though both services are based on the principles of PPC, they operate within two intertwining, but inherently different niches. In this article, I will compare Facebook Ads and Google AdWords and try to answer to the question: “which one should you use?”.

Facebook and Google - which one is better for advertising - sebwaligorski - Facebook and Google

Facebook Ads can help you reach your customers

Facebook users share almost everything with this social networking platform. And by everything, I mean literally everything! Facebook knows when you were born, what kind of movies do you like, where are you right now, what’s your financial status – the list could go on and on and on. Researchers have actually proven that Facebook knows more about you than your friends and family do!

What can online marketers do with such a massive bank of knowledge? Targeted advertising is the answer! This is exactly what Facebook Ads are for. They allow for a very precise filtering of users. The selection can be brought down to really detailed, narrow factors, like for example targeting an ad to middle-aged men who live in Manchester, drive Mercedes, enjoy locally sourced food and have two close friends. The narrowing can obviously be even more detailed, but the example goes to show the degree of targeting you can achieve with Facebook Ads.

It might seem that a lower degree of targeting gives you a bigger chance of reaching more people with your ads. Nothing more wrong! It is actually very beneficial for you to be highly focused and stay in the niche – this will ensure a high CTR.

Summing up, the success of Facebook Ads is based upon the fact that people tend to be very active on social media. They share, like, comment and all these activities create a bank of knowledge about their preferences and their potential needs.

Facebook and Google - which one is better for advertising - sebwaligorski - Facebook and Google

Google AdWords can help your customers find you

There are around 40,000 Google searches per second, 3,5 billion per day and 1.2 trillion a year. That is an enormous amount  of online activity and thanks to Google AdWords there is a way to utilize it and turn the searches into conversions.

Let’s suppose you have a rental business, which offers furnished flats in Queens, New York. You decide to use AdWords as one of your advertising channels. How will it benefit you?

Google AdWords work is based on keywords. Every time someone will search for “furnished flats Queens” or “flats New York”, your ad is likely to come up in their SERP (search engine result page). But how do you ensure that your ad will actually display in the SERP? After all, you are not the only rental business in the area and the others also use AdWords!

Google awards the quality and relevance of its AdWords ads – the better the text and the more relevant the ad is to your customers’ needs, the bigger the chance it will do better in the SERP. Another thing you’ll have to do is bidding (it also applies to Facebook Ads!). As Adwords and Ads operate as PPC strategies, you have to state how much are you willing to pay for a click. If you are discouraged by the initial costs, think of the potential benefits! Let’s assume you bid $100 per click. There are 100 people clicking your ad – you spend $10,000 on AdWords, but one of the customers finalized a transaction worth $23,000. Therefore, your initial input paid off and you are better off financially. You have also acquired a customer, which is fantastic.

Summing up, Google AdWords can largely benefit your business, mostly due to a massive amount of searches. Assuming that every search conducted by each person is a conscious one, it is the customers that find you! All you have to do is set up a sort of “keyword bait”.

Facebook and Google - which one is better for advertising - sebwaligorski - Facebook and Google

Targeting possibilities on Facebook and Google AdWords

Facebook Ads allows you for an extremely detailed and flexible targeting options. You can narrow your campaign down to the tiniest factor. On Facebook Ads you need to actively look for your customers, define their preferences and create their profiles.

Google AdWords is more passive in this way. You can narrow your campaign down to things like the device customers use, their location, language or topic. Obviously, the basis of Google AdWords is keyword targeting! There’s also Google AdSense, which allows for displaying ads on blogs and partner sites.

The main difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is that in the former you simply leave a trace for people to follow. In the latter, this is you who needs to reach out to people and encourage them to engage!

Facebook and Google – which one should you pick?

To be fair, limiting yourself to just one of these would be to rid yourself of massive customer bases. Both Facebook and Google are the main hubs of online activity – one for social media and one for general browsing and searching information, and there is no point in picking just one of them. Your business will be much more better off utilizing both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.


Facebook and Google – which one is better for your business? Well, turns out that aside some technical differences (for example, Facebook Ads are more visual and Google AdWords can include a lot of function windows) both serve the same purpose – to get you more customers!. The only major difference is the location of the audience – one exists in the realm of social media and the other on SERPs. Utilizing both of these channels to reach both audiences is therefore the best option, as it will only maximize the results and conversions you will get out of your online marketing campaign!