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They say that when you’re not on Facebook, you’re not really existing. It might sound absurd at first, but when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. I mean, of course, you exist without Facebook, but you’re really missing out on something. As of 2017, Facebook has two billion monthly users that number is on the rise all the time. With millennials and next generations embracing technology as an everyday thing, this number is likely to grow exponentially. The success of Facebook is however not only palpable as a social networking platform. The potential of the portal had been quickly noticed by marketing people. Internet marketing on Facebook is also a thing – the plaform is often called the “king of internet marketing”. In this article, I am going to present several reasons as to why it deserves this name.

Why Facebook is the King of internet marketing - sebwaligorski - marketing


People use Facebook more than other websites.

According to data presented by Experian Hitwise, as of 2012, one in five page views in the US occurred on Facebook. One in eleven visits on the Internet was done within Facebook. 96% of visitors were returning visitors – this indicates high customer loyalty towards the brand. Facebook accounted for almost 500 mln visits among the most well-off social group, while YouTube accounted for 224 mln and Twitter for 15 mln. As of 2016 there were eight new Facebook users per second, according to SponsiredLinx Academy. Facebook had 1 billion active users monthly.

It is important to note that as of 2017, these numbers are probably much higher.

Still, the numbers above indicate that Facebook is the single most popular website globally. The incredible amount of users gives companies a perfect platform for advertising, internet marketing and finding new customers. But how do the advertisers navigate in these masses of people?

Facebook ads are the cornerstone of Internet marketing!

This is the answer! It is not a novelty that Facebook collects data about its users. Everything we like or comment is collected and used in tools such as Facebook ads!

Facebook introduced this innovative tool, specifically targeting it at businesses of every size and budget. With it, companies can send out ads targeted at their desired demographic – filters include location, behaviors, contact information, friends, job and much more. In this way a certain advertisement can reach people that need a particular service or product.

Say, for example, you are searching for a new flat to rent in a particular area of a particular town. Facebook noticed it and will show you ads from rental companies who operate around the area you are interested in. It’s a very intuitive, yet innovative way of connecting companies with potential customers. Given the size of Facebook, it is clear how revolutionary it is not only for internet marketing, but for marketing in general.

Why Facebook is the King of internet marketing - sebwaligorski - marketing

Facebook makes it easy for customers to seek out products and services they need.

Facebook Search is a relatively new addition to the website. It is however, game changing to say the least. It allows for people to type in general keywords about the type and location of the product/service they need. For example, when you want to go out for a nice dinner in Manchester you can simply type in: “manchester pub” or “manchester steak cheap” and you will be flooded with propositions of spots to visit. Facebook’s searching tool is so popular and versatile that it ranked a second app for searching out local businesses. It beat Bing, Yahoo or Apple Maps – only Google Maps got more searches.

Let’s suppose you searched for a cheap steak in Manchester. You are now posed with a choice between 20 different restaurants in close proximity. How do you pick the right one? Facebook also found a way to solve it – reviews! You can now easily see, which restaurant ranks the best. If you are interested in a particular factor, you can read people’s opinions. And there are plenty of those! According to Adweek, Facebook contains four times more reviews per some businesses (for example restaurants) than on other well-known sites.

What is more, addition of reviews forced businesses to try extra hard to provide excellent customer service as well as made them much more transparent, which is always a good thing!

Video content is the future of internet marketing and Facebook is the platform to execute it.

We are visibly moving from informative to experiential entertainment. Rise of such services as YouTube, Netflix or Snapchat only proves that shift. Videos, more than text, have the ability to convey immediate emotional reaction, be it laughter, sadness or anger – that’s why they are such an attractive form of communication. Take a look at last year’s Christmas ad published by a Polish online marketplace, Allegro. It’s been internationally praised for a very emotional footage showing a grandpa learning English to talk to his grandkid.

Facebook quickly jumped on the bandwagon introducing such cutting edge features as Facebook Live or 360 videos as well as a brand new video page layout and a new video metric for brands to measure their stats. Due to the size of the service and the time an average user spends using it, video content gets a massive audience. This can be proven by the fact that videos can go viral overnight reaching hundreds of millions of views.

It is a fact that video is the future of internet marketing and marketing in general, and Facebook reserved its spot at the top!

Why Facebook is the King of internet marketing - sebwaligorski - marketing


Facebook’s main asset is its sheer volume and an incomparable number of users. The service used this asset perfectly and created a multi-dimensional platform for advertising, social networking, reviewing, seeking out businesses and customers, and sharing content. This is why it had witnessed such an enormous success and why the number of users is rising exponentially year after year. Companies simply find it profitable to exploit various marketing tools provided by Facebook, because in this way they can target their content to the biggest online audience there is. This is why Facebook is and will most likely remain the king of internet marketing.