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Google is one of those few companies whose main product’s name became a synonym for a particular activity. “Googling” is a phrase, which means searching for something online. The fact of searching something on Google became a thing usually taken for granted. There’s a reason we don’t “yahoo” pictures of cute cats. “Binging” is also not a thing (apart from binge-watching!) and will never be. Google absolutely dominated the search engine market and doesn’t seem to let go. With tools such as Gmail, Google Plus or Google AdWords, the company took massive shares of email,  internet marketing and advertising industries.

But, let’s get to the point, shall we? Google is without doubt mighty and almost omnipresent, but what’s exactly its role in internet marketing? What possibilities does it provide? And most importantly – can Google be named the Queen of internet marketing?

Why Google is the Queen of internet marketing - sebwaligorski - internet marketing

There’s one major factor that instantly makes Google a great place for internet marketing – it’s its sheer size! Everything is searchable by Google and everyone uses Google on a daily basis. There are almost 62 thousands Google searches per second every day! Given it takes you around 10 minutes to read through this article – that’s 37.5 million Google searches! The popularity and omnipresence of Google poses many opportunities for businesses to be found by their potential customers. But at the same time, the vastness and amount of searches, people and companies might make it incredibly hard for businesses to be stumbled upon. Ever wandered to the second page of search results? Probably only if you’re very desperate, as 81% of people are likely to think low of companies appearing on other pages than the first one.

Luckily, Google introduced several tools that can help businesses reach top spots in search result pages. I am going to outline them below!


Google AdWords

Remember Facebook Ads from the previous post? AdWords is kind of similar to this fantastic and versatile tool, but the major difference is that it is tapped into the world’s biggest search engine. Given a correct optimization of your internet marketing campaigns, AdWords can bring you a very targeted and focused leads. Imagine a person is searching for something very specific, like for example: 3-room houses to buy in Brooklyn. The keywords for that would be: 3-room, house, buy (or for sale) and Brooklyn. Now, if your campaign is set right and optimized properly (you can read more on Google AdWords mechanics here) your page offering 3-room houses for sale in Brooklyn will appear as the first or one of the first results.

In addition to that, Google AdWords is a very flexible internet marketing platform! All the data on how your campaigns are operating are readily available. That means you can easily see, which campaigns are well optimized and, which ones are not. Campaigns can be freely changed, adjusted, tested or even deleted – you only pay for the ones that end up with a click!

It might take some time to optimize and adjust your Google AdWords strategy, but once you do, it will bring you high returns without a risk of losing huge amounts of money. The data showing patterns in your customers’ behaviors available instantly are also a great asset of AdWords – they can contribute to an increased understanding of the customer by businesses.

Why Google is the Queen of internet marketing - sebwaligorski - internet marketing

Google Plus

It’s easy to dismiss Google Plus as just another social media platform, but in fact it’s much more than that! It has grown rapidly becoming the second biggest social media network, right after Facebook. Yet, the myth of Google Plus as a ghost town is widespread. However, that’s only because Google Plus’s purpose can be often misunderstood. It by no means was made for looking up people or posting short updates. It encompasses a lot of different tools: YouTube, Hangouts, Communities, Gmail and Google Maps to name the best known ones. This not only provides users with a chance to exchange information easily. It most importantly makes it much easier for your business to conduct an internet marketing campaign! All the Google products are interlocked and work together perfectly, which makes it so much easier to promote yourself on several platforms!

Google Plus users are less likely to engage and much more likely to view content. That makes it a great platform for gathering a customer interest, which then could be quenched with content promoted on other connected platforms.

There’s one more crucial thing about Google Plus – its pages are more than likely to be prioritized by Google in search results!


SEO, Google and internet marketing

Google is the go-to platform if you need to find something – it’s a no brainer to be fair! It is also a go-to place if you want to be found! I already mentioned AdWords, which generate leads. Another way to gain traffic on your website is to use Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of actions such as publishing content, using keywords, social media presence, adjusting HTML of a particular website, etc. aimed at gaining organic (unpaid, unlike Google AdWords) traffic and a better search engine position.That means, where do you appear on sites like Google when someone searches for a phrase related to your business. SEO can be a great option for your internet marketing campaign – it might require effort, but when done right it can generate a lot of organic exposure.

Why Google is the Queen of internet marketing - sebwaligorski - internet marketing


Google is the biggest search engine in the world. The size of the platform can be intimidating and it may seem impossible to break through tens of thousands other websites, but there are tactics and methods to “harness” Google and make it your company’s great asset! Such tools like AdWords and Google Plus are provided by Google themselves. SEO, on the other hand, while being attached to Google, is more of a bottom-up way for businesses to understand the complex world of search engine positioning.

It’s really worth investing your time in a proper Google positioning campaign as a major part of your internet marketing. Similarly to Facebook, the very size of the platform can bring about incredible results. A properly optimized business website will be exposed to hundreds of millions of people searching for hundreds of millions pieces of information daily!