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Your business may have a lot of social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and so on. Although company’s online presence can be treated as a comparative advantage, it would look even better if you are able to engage your audience in the content you publish. By engagement I mean, for instance, likes, comments, link clicks and website clicks. If this aspect of leading social media accounts is difficult for you, hopefully, in this article, you will find several useful tips which, if used together, will be able to boost the social media profiles of your business.

Tip 1. Publish posts of high quality

Compare two posts below. With which one would like to engage?


If you want your audience to engage, publishing content of high quality is absolutely a must to perform. It is better to limit the number of posts but make each of them tailored to your needs and inspiring in some way. Sharing numerous photos or articles which are all of the poor quality is not a good idea – users will start ignoring the profiles as you don’t have any interesting to offer.

Tip 2. Ask questions

Asking questions at the end of each post can cause that some users will naturally answer them and, therefore, increase engagement of your profile. Comments under your posts on e.g. Facebook are desired as they directly contribute to the popularity of your post. More precisely, the online friends of the user who commented your photo may see the given picture on their newsfeed. In return, some of them may also engage with your fan page or a given post.

What questions to ask? Well, it really can be everything which is associated with the post you published.

“Do you like our new design? | What do think about this offer? | Here, you can find cheap flights. Have you got any vacations plans?”

If no-one answered, it doesn’t look bad. In turn, even if one person will engage, it is an advantage for your business.

Tip 3. Tag some users

On Instagram or Twitter, you can mention in posts the users which are likely to engage with your content. They will receive a notification about your action and, hopefully, they will tag you in their posts in turn or, at least, they will like or comment the post in which you tagged them. On Facebook, as long as you have a consent of the users, in posts you could mention the customers which were happy with your services. But be careful, because this method does not fit all kinds of businesses. If a restaurant owner will interrupt the clients’ dinner in order to ask them for a photo for FB fan page, the customers may become angry and not visit you again. However, if you offer attractions like e.g. bungee jumping, parachuting, paintball, etc., there will be lots of people happy to be included on the business social media account after using your services.

Tip 4. Attract right audience through ads

If you want your social media audiences to engage with the content, then, you should firstly reach the right people. You can directly influence who will display your profile or particular photos/articles via ads, practically on every social media platform. You don’t have to spend a fortune to gain some likes or comments as long as you will be good at targeting the audience who will be the most likely to respond to your posts. Even £1 can bring some effects. Nowadays, many businesses use online advertisement as a method of reaching the audience they are interested in.

Tip 5. Get engaged in the content of some users as well

This tip is associated especially with Instagram where many people expect that for their engagement you will get engaged with their posts as well. It is difficult to get followers if you follow no-one and, similarly, it is unlikely to get numerous likes for a photo if you never like the posts of the account you follow. Indeed, leading an account on Instagram (and to some extent on Twitter as well) is connected with exchanging engagement as a form of transaction. The more your brand is popular, the less engagement you can give from yourself, nevertheless, at the beginning, I advise you to like/comment posts which somehow involve your industry. Also, that’s the way of increasing awareness about your company’s existence.

Tip 6. Organise competitions

People love to receive something for free or… for little engagement from their side. Therefore, take an advantage of it and start organising competitions for people who will like your post or who will e.g. write the best comment under the post. Notice that this tip is actually a bit tricky as the rules of the content must be stated clearly – otherwise, you will have to battle with unhappy or irritated users who engaged and didn’t get anything from you. However, if you will handle the competition correctly, the effects of this strategy can exceed expectations.

Tip 7. Don’t be repulsive, unpleasant, unapproachable

Whatever business you lead, never leave the impression that in some way it is not worth to engage with your content. You can achieve such impression in many ways – by being rude to customers who complained in the comments, by ignoring users who asked you a question on social media account, by posting controversial articles or not sticking to the topic of your business. All indicated mistakes will cause the audience will not have any incentive to contact you. Sometimes a simple thing like adding an emoticon or greeting for your audience in the post may cause that they will consider the profile to be friendly and react to the content. To engage your social media audiences, you have to stay kind, funny or inspiring and approachable.

I provided you with 7 tips on how to engage your social media audiences. Implementing just one of them can bring some effects but, ideally, you would have to stick to all of them to really feel the difference. On social media, the company’s image is being built for a long period of time and it is very easy to dump all the efforts just with one unacceptable post. Similarly, engagement with the audience also requires patience, consistency and a lot of work on the quality of the posts. Good luck with increasing interest in your posts and, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.