LinkedIn is not like other social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat – all these have two ultimate goals – to connect people and to provide entertaining content. LinkedIn’s goal is however to create a professional network of businesses, startups, influential people and people who look to expand their career.

Currently, LinkedIn has 347 million users all around the world. It might seem like a small number compared to Facebook’s two billion users, but LinkedIn manages to direct four times more users to companies’ home pages than any other social network.

But how exactly can you grow your business using LinkedIn? In this article, I am going to show you how to use LinkedIn’s features in order to expose your business to new opportunities, gain valuable contacts and grow your company!

Why LinkedIn is your best business mate - sebwaligorski - LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for lead generation

Be sure to join as many groups that are oriented around your field of expertise as possible! In there, you will not only be able to find people with similar struggles or aspirations, but most importantly, people who already achieved success and can help you elevate your business to the next level. What is more, groups allow you to find potential clients for your business and filter out all the members so that you can target the people you want. In this way, LinkedIn saves you a lot of pointless connections and a lot of time!

LinkedIn generates leads in a different way than a typical lead generation tool. You don’t need to encourage people to give you their email address. On LinkedIn it is you who searches for the right people to contact. You can narrow down the search to such factors as: keywords, current or past companies, languages, nonprofit interests, location, industries or education. That gives you a powerful tool for lead generation, where you can be more than sure to find the right people for any purpose.

What differs LinkedIn’s system of lead generation is also the fact that you are able to precisely target people with messages. Let’s say you are willing to hire an IT specialist living in a 30 mile circle around your location, with experience from a major IT firm and a related Master’s degree. To find the right person you simply go to LinkedIn search bar and filter the results. You will end up with a bunch of profiles that match your preferences. Now you can check each of these people individually, see which skills they excel in, whether they have any recommendations or where they graduated from. Your messages can also be crafted individually to each of the suggested persons giving you a high possibility of a return.

Sending out job offers is however not the only thing that can be done using LinkedIn’s lead generation. You can also successfully promote your business. You can join groups that are focused on your field of operation and find potential customers there. Additionally, you can filter the people easily and find the ones who can be genuinely interested in your offer.

Why LinkedIn is your best business mate - sebwaligorski - LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more personal than emailing

You want to advertise your business, don’t you? Now, you can generate leads and start sending people emails about your amazing offer. What might happen is people will disregard it as spam – only an average of 20% emails sent as a part of your email marketing campaign are going to be opened.

People trust people, not businesses. They want to see a face attached to a message or an email they receive. It creates a sense that they are dealing with a person, a human being made out of flesh, with flaws and struggles. LinkedIn allows for that – each message can be sent using a personal profile. The addressee can instantly check your credentials and most importantly – attach a person to the message.  Such a level of “closeness” cannot be usually achieved with email marketing based on traditional lead generation.

Smaller audience – bigger focus

LinkedIn is a relatively small social media platform. 347 million users compared to two billion Facebook users and almost three billion email accounts might seem insignificant. However, when you think about it, Facebook and email are not as defined as LinkedIn. The first one is a platform for social networking, the second – a platform for sending and receiving emails. That’s a very broad spectrum, isn’t it?

Ask yourself a question: how many of these people will be interested in establishing business contacts or networking? Probably a tiny fraction of them.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a social networking platform designed specifically for establishing professional contacts. It’s fair to assume that almost everyone who has an account there, is interested in elevating their career or promoting their business. LinkedIn is therefore a niche in the same way as Instagram is a niche. Instead of providing every possible service, Instagram focuses of pictures and videos, while LinkedIn is devoted to networking. Therefore, even though LinkedIn’s audience is considerably smaller, it is compressed and it’s easier to establish your professional online presence there than it is on other social media platforms.

Why LinkedIn is your best business mate - sebwaligorski - LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for a very personalized lead generation. Its major advantages over other social media services are:

  • A very detailed and precise system of lead generation, which allows you to find the right people and achieve high ROI,
  • A highly personalized messaging/lead generation system, which allows people to immediately relate businesses to people. In this way, businesses and companies are humanized increasing their trustworthiness,
  • A high level of focus – LinkedIn is a social media service targeted specifically at professionals and businesses.

Summing up, if you are looking to promote your business in a highly professional environment with a potentially high ROI, LinkedIn is a place to go!