You may be the best content writer, creating irresistibly engaging blog posts and still get no exposure. In the highly competitive world of online marketing, simply being great at writing might not be enough to succeed. Great content is obviously the base, upon which you can build your further endeavours, but you need to think beyond that!

In this article, I will present you with three ways, in which you can make your content marketing profitable.

How to make your content marketing profitable - sebwaligorski - content marketing

Pair content marketing with other online marketing campaigns

Content does not exist in a vacuum! Every marketing strategy you undertake can be supplemented by the others. Keep in mind that such approach will yield much better results than conducting each strategy as a separate campaign.

Examples of such approach can go from the most trivial and obvious to more sophisticated ones. An instance of the former can be simply sharing links to your articles on social media channels, thus providing content to share on your channels.

Another example is supporting your SEO with keywords found in your articles. Additionally, if you use graphics or embedded video content on your website, you can also optimize these to improve your SEO.

A blog can also be paired with your paid search (a.k.a. PPC) campaign conducted via Google AdWords. The latter is based on customers searching for services, products and businesses via keywords. It can therefore be a major assistance in improving your blog. How? AdWords offer a lot of useful analytic tools, with which you can, among all, see, which keywords do people type into Google when they find your business. You can then apply these keywords in your writing and improve your organic reach!

The examples I presented in this point have shown how content marketing can improve other marketing campaigns. These will not necessarily make your blog earn money on its own, but it will make your social media, SEO and PPC better. So, in the long run, it will make you more money and will increase your exposure!

Content is not only the written word!

When you think about content marketing, it is likely that the first thing coming up to your mind would be a blog. There’s nothing wrong about it – a blog is a content marketing staple, something everybody, who’s using this strategy has.

It is however worth, if you have proper means, to introduce other content platforms to your campaign. Video marketing is currently at the forefront of content marketing. With the rise of services such as YouTube and a recent advent of video on social media (most notably Facebook, but also Twitter and Instagram), short, engaging clips are becoming the best way to market!

Data shows that companies that use video marketing gain even 49% more revenue than those who don’t. Videos tend to get 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Video also seriously increases your SERP ranking, thus helping your SEO efforts.

The attractiveness of video content stems from the fact that it can be experienced in a more passive manner. Written content requires attention, while a video can be put on as a background for doing your chores.

But what if you don’t have the means to produce videos, or simply don’t like being in front of a camera? Podcasts are a great alternative! You only need a microphone and some basic audio editing software to record and edit it. There’s also a multitude of ways, in which you can conduct your podcasts – from short daily insights, through interviews with authorities in the field to longer think-pieces. The only limit is your creativity!

How to make your content marketing profitable - sebwaligorski - content marketing

Use different promotional channels

Promotion is something many content creators forget about or neglect. Publishing content is not enough to get you exposure, readership (or viewership) – you need to reach out to people. Social media may immediately come to your mind – there’s no denying that this is a great platform for promotion, but it isn’t the only one!

Use your metadata! There are lots of types of metadata, but in general they describe what your content is about, what topics or other articles does it relate to and which audiences might be interested in it.

Tags can be an example of metadata. Every article you publish can be described using several phrases that express its gist. For example, this post’s tags could look in the following way: “content marketing”, “blog”, “conversion”.

Get rid of ROT – redundant, outdated and trivial information on your website. Let’s suppose you’ve been writing consistently for a year now. One of your first posts was about social media audience engagement. After a year, you’ve gained more knowledge and insights, so you write another similar post. What you should do right away is deleting the old post – you don’t want your audience to feel misled! Perform a content inventory and content audit every once in a while. The former will let you look at all your content from a perspective and delete repeating topics. The latter will allow you to check, which content gets the most readership and why – these information can be also used for improving your future blog posts!

Consistency is also crucial for your content’s performance. It’s not only about posting regularly. Using the same language is the key! It makes your overall message clear and allows your entire blog to click!

The old and trusty email marketing is another alternative method for promoting your content. Emails can be personalized so that particular people receive messages with content that will interest them! Content can be a great tool for lead generation. Ask your readers to subscribe for regular updates, discounts or newsletters (this will allow your email marketing campaign to gain momentum!).

How to make your content marketing profitable - sebwaligorski - content marketing


The most important conclusion from this article is that content itself is not enough for it to be profitable.

Content works great with other marketing campaigns. It won’t make it convert to sales, but it will seriously support other campaigns’ conversions – SEO, PPC and social media can seriously benefit from it!

Another thing is utilization of different content platforms. Video is currently the rising star of content and its bright future. Podcasts are also a great alternative to written blogs.

Lastly, you need to start thinking beyond social media when it comes to promoting your content. Sometimes it might be about small adjustments to your blog, sometimes it will be about finding new channels. The point is that, in order to make your content marketing profitable, you need to spend as much time promoting your blog as you spend creating it!