It is not a surprise that nowadays, almost everything that happens on the Internet, goes through Google. This search engine became the hub for most of our online activity – a go-to when we want to search for something or simply access a webpage. Online marketers quickly noticed that phenomenon and built an entire infrastructure of tools around the search engines, in order to connect their businesses with customers in various new ways. The most popular platform is AdWords, created by Google for Google. This service operates on the principles of the so-called PPC. Wait, what? What is this PPC thing? Well, in this blog post, I am going to explain that to you! I am also going to state some reasons as to why PPC is a fantastic marketing strategy, which should be definitely included in your marketing campaign!

What is PPC and why you should start using it - sebwaligorski - PPC

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. This strategy is a part of SEM – Search Engine Marketing. It is a keyword-based advertising strategy that sends out ads to people who might be looking just for what you have to offer. And what is more – as the name says, you only pay for the amount of clicks on your ads!

Let’s suppose that you have a wedding cake business. You mostly operate locally, but can deliver the cake for an extra fee. You want to try something new to get more customers – why not try AdWords?

Here’s how does AdWords work. You pick a keyword – in your case it could be “wedding cake”, “wedding cake (name of your location)” or even “wedding cake delivery”. You then bid on your keyword – that means how much are you willing to pay for a click. Now, there’s a second wedding cake business operating in your local area – you are fierce competition with them and the other guy also started using AdWords. He picks the same keywords as you and bids on them as well. If he bids more than you, his ads will be placed higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Now, every time someone from your local area will type in any of your keywords into Google, your and your competitor’s ads will be displayed for them. Despite the fact that it’s up to them, which one will they pick, you can influence it to a certain extent. How? For example, by creating an engaging, fun and encouraging ad text.

What is PPC and why you should start using it - sebwaligorski - PPC

Why is PPC a good marketing strategy?

It can generate huge revenue for a tiny cost.

Let’s go back to the cake business. Your bid on an ad was $5. Your cakes cost around $100-120 on average. That means, for every clicked ad that ends with a purchase you are going to spend $5 and earn $100-$120. Even if only one in 10 clicks would end with a purchase, you still generate a nice revenue (in this case it would be $50 to $100-$120).

PPC can help you avoid the effort of generating organic conversions

Organic conversion is great and cheap, but to be fair, it’s seriously time-consuming. It also requires a lot of creativity and effort from you. If you already have some sort of budget, then you do not need to focus that much on organic promotion to ensure exposure. Not everyone is good at growth hacking, creative solutions and unconventional approaches – that’s completely fine! Luckily there are things like Google AdWords, which allow you to mostly skip the laborious part of coming up with engaging content or irresistible CTAs and still get revenue and conversions.

PPC can easily connect your business with people who need what you have to offer

Let’s come back to the wedding cake shop example. A couple planning a wedding would, among other things, want a beautiful cake! What they do is they type “beautiful wedding cake delivery” into Google. Now, remember that AdWords ad you put up some time ago? Well, it just popped up in their SERP!

PPC is not a “pay-more-get-more” kind of thing

Obviously, bidding is a crucial part of PPC and a main basis for ad placement. It is however, not the only factor that is taken into account – such approach could lead to abuses by companies with large budgets. What is also considered by AdWords is the quality of ads and how valuable they are for the customers. This is measured by the CTR – click-through rate, which is basically a ratio between how many times your ad has been viewed and how many viewers clicked it.

Let’s continue our story – the couple is now looking through the ads in their SERP. Why would they pick your ad and not your competitor’s? You took your time to create a really engaging text for your ad. It emphasises on what’s the most important for the customers looking for wedding cakes – quality, design and reliability. You also filled it with words relevant to your main keyword. All that makes your ad much more valuable to customers, hence the probability for it to be actually clicked is much bigger.

Your PPC can also improve your organic search results

Google AdWords offers analytic tools that help you measure the impact of your ads and adjust them if needed (which is yet another reason to use PPC!). From the available data you can learn for example, which keywords get the most CTR. This knowledge can later on improve your actual organic conversions. For instance, you can adjust all your copy – blog posts, social media posts and emails – to include the keywords your customers tend to interact with the most.

Internet’s two biggest services offer their own PPC tools

I am obviously talking about the aforementioned Google. The second massive PPC service is Facebook. It works in a pretty much similar manner to AdWords, giving you a massive exposure. Also similarly, you need to bid and take care of posting great content in your ads, and in return, your business can find an audience of people who need what you provide! So like, use both Google AdWords and Facebook!

What is PPC and why you should start using it - sebwaligorski - PPC


PPC, put shortly, is a tool that utilizes search engines’ online marketing potential. As many marketing campaigns, it is intertwined with others – in this case SEO or content marketing. It can be used to successfully and effectively increase the number of customers visiting your website and actually finalizing a purchase.

Google AdWords give a possibility to precisely target Internet users on the basis of the keywords they type into the search engine. It is a great platform for connecting businesses with their customers. It is also optimized in a way that does not leave much room for abuse, which ensures fair competition. At the same time, while existing separately from organic conversions, PPC can actually help improve it! Finally, it does not favor the businesses with the biggest budgets, but the ones who put the most heart in their ads!