Setting up a company is easy. All you need is a great idea, some initial capital and some paperwork. It’s often a matter of days or sometimes weeks to get a company started. It is however, what comes next that can get really hard for businesses. I am talking about actually staying afloat, achieving success and not going bankrupt. Success does not come overnight – it requires a lot of hard work and twice as much dedication.

In order to do all these things I listed above, a business needs a leader. This usually is a CEO, the founder of a particular company. But what actually is the role of the CEO apart from setting up a business? Turns out it’s all about being present! Below listed are several reasons as to why you need to make your business your second life if you’re a CEO.

Why you have to be present if you are the CEO - sebwaligorski - CEO

You are the embodiment of everything your company stands for

You set up the company and while doing that you defined its values, vision and mission. Among your coworkers, you are most likely a person who believes the most in them. That’s why you need to be present at all times and available for all your employees. You simply need to make sure that the vision, which shaped your company is not becoming a blunt concept overtime. Same goes for the values and mission. You need to be there to ensure that you and your employees agree on the same – this is crucial for your company’s healthy development and growth.


You are the face of the company

Your business might be present in the media. There might be some interviews that need doing, press conferences that need attending or perhaps even some PR scandals that need sorting out (hopefully nothing like that will ever happen to you!). In such cases, there is no better person to attend such events than you! You are someone who has been with the company for the biggest amount of time and has most probably put the most work into making it grow, you are the best person to refer to!

However, press conferences, interviews and PR scandals need to be handled very carefully. The public tends to really pay attention to details and can point out any inconsistencies or mistakes in what you say or do. That is why you need to be constantly present and active in the life of your company – you need to know how’s every departament doing. If you own a small-size business, you might even be able to know what’s up with every employee. This knowledge will allow you to handle the situations I described above in a professional way.


As a CEO, you are the person to look up to for your employees

Setting up a company is a lot of work isn’t it? Coming up with an idea and making it work, gathering people, building structures, obtaining new business opportunities – a successful business is a labor of love! As a CEO, you are an authority to your employees. You are someone who was brave enough to make a step, possibly put all your chances and funds into this opportunity and had the guts to keep it going. You are also, in their eyes, a passionate specialist in the field, someone to refer to with any business-related problems. However, to reinforce that image, you need to be there when your employees need you. You need to remind them that you are there for them and that your goal is to make the company stronger.This is why you need to take an active part in your company’s life.

Why you have to be present if you are the CEO - sebwaligorski - CEO

Your presence will motivate your employees

There’s this image of a boss being a completely out of touch a**hole. All he does is make people do boring and repetitive tasks, and employees generally hate him. Why can’t you be the exact opposite of that? Instead of make people feel like their work doesn’t mean anything at all, make them feel a valuable member of a team as well as a great individual! Instead of just referring tasks to people, actually take part in the process, be there with your people. A strong CEO presence is an amazing motivation factor, however, a lack of it, may seriously derail your business.


You need to know what does your company need

There is no better way to learn about the needs of your company than to actually be there and get to know it yourself! These can encompass any area: a refurbishment of an office, a need for a new team to be opened, a bigger budget for marketing purposes… the list could go on and on! By taking care of some of the bigger needs of your business, you will appear as a true leader!

Why you have to be present if you are the CEO - sebwaligorski - CEO



As a CEO, your presence in your company’s day to day life will mostly impact the “inside” – the employees and their motivation as well as implementation of the values, mission and vision you outlined while setting up the business. Keeping these sorted will however, allow your company to grow and become stronger. You may be the foundation of the company, but these are the employees that are the building blocks! You need to do all you can to make them feel at home while at work!

Handling the “outside” is also CEO’s job. Press conferences, PR scandals and interviews need to be taken care of with great caution and that requires a CEO who actually knows what’s going on within their company!